Logo & Branding

Robyn knew she wanted her logo to reference connection - she initially suggested a puzzle piece, and we ended up using the letter 'O' as the center of connecting nodes, creating a feeling of balance.


We chose sleek, modern sans-serif fonts, which feel forward-thinking and align well with the font choices of many of the companies that Robyn works with, and chose an elegant subdued eggplant as an interesting off-neutral. 


I’ve known Arianna for a couple of years and have seen the impressive work she’s done for her employers and her clients, in addition to knowing her on a personal level.

When I found myself in need of a designer to create my company website I knew immediately that I wanted her to do it. I had a lot of expectations as to what I wanted my site to look like, and she gave me what I wanted and then some.

Her communication style was fluid, proactive, and responsive and I was never left wondering where we were in the process. I would strongly recommend Arianna and her team for anyone else looking for a talented Designer. She also just happens to be a joy to work with.
— Robyn McIntyre, Pivotal Hire